No really...What is stopping you from stepping out on FAITH?

No really...What is stopping you from stepping out on FAITH?

Sunday evening turned early Monday morning rambles. 😊

 What is holding you back from doing exactly what you want to do?  Stepping out on Faith and moving past self doubt and or fear. Seriously ponder on it.  Everything that you think of that goes against it, be honest, is it truly an issue or a mental hang up?

For me it was feeling the need for things to be just right, down to the moment I should start revealing anything.  Starting my own business has been more of a personal and mental challenge.  It sounded amazing, and IS amazing, yet I overthought A LOT of things, and took for granted a couple of others.  I toyed with the idea, and one day just said, you know what AP...why not?  What can it hurt?  Another stream of income that you need, and something you enjoy doing.  

 Doubtful Me: But can I afford this investment?  With what finances? 

Chin Checked Me: Sometimes you must spend money to make money.

Could that little voice be Satan, or was there something I needed to do on my end?  A little bit of both.  On my end I needed to refocus, regroup, and rededicate myself, because I had let life and anxiety creep in the way, and get me down…way down, frustrated, and plum tired.  I had to shake that monkey (Anxiety) off my back, and it still tries to climb up on occasion.  I talked to a few individuals that I knew already in the business, and they all were willing and open to answer any questions I might have had.  I asked a few, took a few notes, and crawled back into my shell. I placed an order of the base equipment I needed, and now my story begins. 

If most of you have noticed, I really haven’t been pubbing much outside of my stories on Instagram, Snap, and Facebook.  Purposely done.  I didn't even want my peeps to tag me until I was at my place of peace.  For those who are reading and have already been a customer, and repeat customers :) I love ya'll!  Sorry I kept you at bay. 

 Some may think why not go hard core and share away, more business right?  Because my second wave of doubt and fear crept in.  Not in what I was doing, but can I really manage a high volume of orders?  I mean I had a nice manageable flow outside of social media.  I make the time to complete orders around work, the kids, and our everyday life schedules, but YES I CAN!  I just have to set the tone and expectations on each custom order from the beginning.  Especially on timing and nature of design, to deliver it by the customers desired date. 

So how did I get to my place of peace?  I had to literally go mute on some friends and family. I had to silence the noise.  I had to step away from people who were uprooting my peace, and most often, not even knowing they were doing so.  Hell, I have even had people walk away because of my lack of peace.  One of those blows I was not ready for, and a couple of other blows I took this year hurt like hell as well.  But guess what, I AM STILL STANDING!  I got temporarily stuck in my comfort zone and I am now stepping out of it, and fully into operation “Get to it AP! You got this!”

What I have learned in my short journey is, sometimes all it takes is taking a deep breath, and a JUST DO IT moment!  Cast aside all the what if's, so you don’t have to regret the should a, could a, would a’s in the future. Because truthfully, nothing is holding you back but YOU.  Yes, I will still occasionally have to gather myself and keep pushing, as we are not perfect.  My now thoughts fall in line with this, although this is my baby, I birthed it and  will now grow it just like my children.  I may make mistakes, but I will learn and better myself.  As a parent, I didn’t wake up just knowing how to be a mom.  Instinct kicked in in some areas, and growth along side my children nurtured the rest.  The same goes in business. 

So for you, what is it?  Starting your own business?  Purchasing that house?  Going after the dream Job?  Relocating to another city or state for a better career?  Developing a service project?  Writing that novel you dreamed about?  Asking that individual out and truly committing to a relationship?  What is it and what's holding you back?

Write it down, make it plain, and put forth the necessary steps to get it going.  Stop living in fear and doubt.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need a nice foundation.  All and all, with consistency, you will get where you are trying to go. 


Lets talk and maybe you will see a light in someone else.

Join in on the conversation and share your experience.  Or ask me any question you desire, within respect of person.

If not, just leave a positive/encouraging comment. ;)

 Happy Sunday and into Monday Peeps.

Be Blessed




I just love your vision and inspiration! Thanks for the reminder and sharing your beautiful talents and wisdom with the rest of us.


Definitely inspiring!! Taking notes about a couple of leaps of faith that I need to make! This came right on time, classmate!!!!!


I love it club. It was a powerful message that we all need. Step out on faith…. #MustardSeedStatus

Tristan D

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